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His Male Maid

John was sold to another man by his cheating wife who wanted to start a new life with her black bull lover. He now is the sweet sissy male maid of a rich gay businessman who has fallen deeply in love with his new "bitch" and takes him to bed DAILY for a good ass fucking and cock sucking session!

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Cock For His Sissy

Mark never thought he'd enjoy sucking another man's cock, but after his wife feminized him and sold him to another man as a male maid, he now actually ENJOYS sexually servicing his new master!

And many other men also enjoy being a PIMPED GAY SISSY!
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Ass Riding His Master

Dennis has a new duty in the house of his gay master - riding his huge cock while dressed as a sweet sissy bitch! He was once married to a woman, but she sold his ass to another man on a dare and he now must obey his male master's EVERY wish and sexual demand!

He's now living his life as a sweet PIMPED GAY SISSY!

Men Dress As Sissy Maids And Gay Cock Whores!

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