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Black Bull Up The Ass

Delores was sick and tired of her husband being too tired to fuck her when he got home from his job at the post office. So what did she do? She took a huge black bull lover and now forces her husband to watch her get fucked - especially up the ass! And the worst? She then ORDERS him to bend over and let her black bull screw him up the ass while SHE WATCHES!

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Black Bull Cream Pie

This cheating slut wife not only forces her husband to watch her adultery with her big black bull, she often forces him to eat the messy "cream pie" that results from their hours of intense sweaty interracial fucking! The poor guy not only has to watch his wife cheat with another man, he has to TASTE IT!

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Watching Her Orgasm

Janet never could orgasm with her wimp cucky husband George, but she sure can when her new lover fucks her doggystyle! And what makes her even HOTTER? Forcing her husband to WATCH!

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